When you specify any of the Oakleaf range, you are choosing a product produced in Europe using the world’s best technology. You will be thrilled with the result – a beautiful, unique and durable floor that will stand the test of time.

Moisture Reduction

Specifying timber that has been produced using heat treatment technology ensures deformations like warping, swelling and shrinkage are minimised. Ageing treatment reduces the timber equilibrium moisture by as much as 50%.


The lack of resins increases coating adhesion. However, it is very important to have a clean surface before coating and the coating producer’s instructions for application guidelines must be carefully followed.

Heat-treated timber can be coated with oil, water and solvent-based finishes. It has been observed that the material may absorb more priming coating than natural timber – this, however, ensures better and longer lasting penetration.

As with all natural products, aged timber needs protection against UV light. If the colour and appearance is to be maintained, a surface treatment with UV-block should be applied.

Without protection, heat-treated timber will gradually fade just like other timber species.